Bendik Giske is a saxophonist and composer exploring the range of possibilities of his instrument as well as his physical capabilities as a performer. In a series of site-specific recordings due for release in 2016 he fully incorporates the sound of the room, the mechanics of the saxophone, his breath,  and his voice to form a listening experience inspired by the queer techno scene he is a part of.

His works range from releasing records and touring with his jazz trio and quintet, to composing and producing electronic pop music, music for dance and performance art as well as making remixes.

Born in Oslo, Norway into an artist-family, and after spending parts of his childhood in Bali, he gravitated towards creating music, with saxophone as tool of choice. Later on he earned a Bachelors degree from «Jazzlinja» in Trondheim Music Conservatory and Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen as well as a Masters degree in Performing saxophone from the Norwegian Academy of Music.

He is a recepient of Norways «Kunstnerstipend», Norways biggest and most important grant for artists as well as an award winner at Getxo Jazz Festival in Spain and B-Jazz in Belgium.